The Perks of Living On-Post

It’s June--the beginning of summer and what is known in the military world as “PCS season.” As my husband and I anticipate moving by the end of the year and discuss our future housing plans, we have found ourselves reflecting lately on why it is that we have loved our experience living on-post so much.

Because we have the unique perspective of living both on- and off-post here at Fort Hood, I wanted to share our opinion based on experiencing two contrary housing options, and why we have determined living on-post to be the best fit for our military family:

Military housing--especially in certain branches like the Army--gets a bad rap a lot of the time. This is one of the reasons we did not initially consider on-post housing when we moved to Fort Hood. We’d heard horror stories, rampant among Facebook pages and news channels. We’d continually heard how poor the housing was at this particular post, and my husband was also under the impression that if we lived on-post, he would never feel like he was “off duty.” It was an easy decision for us to make;